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The NEW 2016 Ammann ARX 26K Combination Roller is HERE!

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Amma2016 Ammann - ARX 26Knn’s combination tandem roller is a great, versatile piece of equipment that can perform at a wide variety of worksites. The ARX 26K makes use of both a vibrating drum and pneumatic tyres — allowing you to work on both soil and asphalt with ease!

Not only does ARX 26K work on different materials, it is also one of the lightest models (2250 kg) that can still accomplish full-flush compaction. The lack of wheel obstructions allow the ARX 26K to compact right up against curbs and walls.  This removes the need for smaller compaction machines.

The ARX 26K is also extremely operator friendly, with a number of improvements aimed at operator comfort. The electric drive lever allows for smoother starts and stops. Controls on both the right and left of the chair allows for ease of operation. Moreover, the rubber-mounted platform limits the vibrations on the operator; making a more comfortable ride!

2016 Ammann ARX 26K - Spring Loader2016 - Ammann ARX 26K

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